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RIHCA - Rhode Island Health Center Association

Rhode Island Health Center Facts

In 2017, community health centers served 171,208 residents in Rhode Island. In addition, community health centers provided 721,252 patient visits.

  • RIHCA has ten organizational members, eight are 330 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), one is an island-based health center, Block Island Health Services, and one associate member, The Providence Center. Among the nine health centers, there are 33 locations around the state including urban, rural, suburban, and island areas.
  • 9.89% of patients were uninsured (16,928 patients). Community health centers are open to all residents, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay by offering sliding fee scale.
  • 22% of FQHC patients were privately insured (37,990 patients).
  • Our dental clinics served 58,130 patients with 154,154 patient visits.
  • Over 14,148 patients received behavioral health services including over 76,125 patient visits.