RIHCA provides resources to community health centers to strengthen the existing and build a committed workforce. in 2021, Rhode Island Community Health Centers employed 2018 full-time equivalent (FTEs) positions. RIHCA assists community health centers by providing training and technical assistance for recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce and staff development opportunities. Additionally, RIHCA supports health centers with expanded workforce health training and strategic workforce planning.

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This program is available to health professionals who work in federally recognized provider shortage area site. All Federally Qualified Health Centers meet this designation.

The 2024 Loan Repayment Cycle is now Open. Applications are due 03/01/2024.

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About the RTAT Tool

The Readiness to Train Assessment Tool (RTAT) is a 41-item, 7-subscale validated survey instrument that covers dimensions of health center readiness for engaging with Health Professions Training (HPT) programs.

The RTAT uses the following definition of organizational readiness: ‘the degree to which health centers are motivated and capable to engage with and implement a health professions training program.’

If your health center is interested in the RTAT tool, please contact: info@rihca.org

For more info on RTAT visit: https://www.chc1.com/rtat/