Workforce Development

RIHCA provides resources to community health centers to strengthen the existing and build a committed workforce. in 2022, Rhode Island Community Health Centers employed 2,184 full-time equivalent (FTEs) positions. RIHCA assists community health centers by providing training and technical assistance for recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce and staff development opportunities. Additionally, RIHCA supports health centers with expanded workforce health training and strategic workforce planning.

Workforce Development Tools and Resources

This program is available to health professionals who work in federally recognized provider shortage area site. All Federally Qualified Health Centers meet this designation.

The 2024 Loan Repayment Cycle is now closed.

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Post Jobs and Training Opportunities! The Health Workforce Connector is a tool that helps connect sites with clinicians who are looking to serve communities in need. Community Health Centers may update site profiles on the Health Workforce Connector to reflect current vacancies. Sites with current vacancies are more likely to hire an interested clinician!

Click HERE to access the HRSA Health Workforce Connector

Access a comprehensive range of data-driven Technical Assistance (TA) tailored to meet the unique needs of health center. Informed by the HRSA Health Center Workforce Well-being Survey, these diverse TA formats include newsletters, webinars, and personalized coaching.

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The Executive Office of Health and Human Services has developed the Caring Careers in Rhode Island. A resource hub intended to provide the user with publicly available information related to health & human services training and education programs in the state of RI.

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The STAR² Center provides resources, training, and technical assistance to build and strengthen the community health center workforce.

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RIHCA collaborates with local trainers to support CPR/BLS certification and re-certification of our community health center providers and employees. Health Centers may use the form below to inquire about future trainings and request a training.

Request CPR/BLS training

The Health Center Resource Clearinghouse is an online platform established by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) to address the competing demands placed on public health professionals. It serves as a "one-stop shop" where health center staff can access a wide range of training and technical assistance resources, promising practices, and tools to support their operations and enhance the quality and effectiveness of their services. The Clearinghouse provides a comprehensive collection of resources on various topics, including workforce development.

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RIHCA supports community health workers as a critical part of the health workforce. We recognize the value of community health workers in increasing access to care, reducing health disparities, and promoting health equity. Here are resources to support training and development of community health workers in our community health centers:

CHWARI CHW Core Competency Training
ACS Leadership In Oncology Training
GWU Oncology Patient Navigator Training

Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)/Compliance

RIHCA understands the importance of FTCA coverage for FQHCs in mitigating the risks associated with providing healthcare services. We offer guidance and assistance for FQHCs to navigate FTCA program compliance, connecting them to resources to ensure that FQHCs have the necessary protections in place to deliver essential care with confidence.

Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)

2024 FTCA Key Takeaways

The recently updated FTCA requirements for OB training mark a pivotal shift in ensuring the provision of high-quality care within FQHCs. Health centers are required to conduct annual OB training in order to obtain or maintain FTCA deemed status. Refer to FTCA OB training requirements and guidance: HRSA Program Assistance Letter (PAL) 2023-01 Page 10 in question 3(a) of the Risk Management Chapter 21 of the Health Center Compliance Manual.

Provided here are resources for OB Training. Health centers should assess the most suitable training for each staff member based on their roles and interactions.

RIHCA OB Training Resources

Other resources:
PACHC Obstetrics (OB) Training Opportunities
Health Center Resource Clearinghouse