Clinical Support Manager, Staff

Family and Community are two foundations of who I am as an individual. By lifting our communities and each other up, we have the ability to provide opportunities for everyone. As first-generation immigrants, it was difficult for my parents to navigate life in a new country, let alone with small children. They eagerly took advantage of the community-based classes and community engagement activities, where, because of the support and encouragement made available, were able to learn the language, and acclimate to many new customs and cultures reflected in the community. It’s by having such systems in place to support communities and families like mine that we can continue to create healthy environments for every person. I work for the Rhode Island Health Center Association because I believe in its mission: to support, sustain and strengthen community health centers so they can provide high-quality, patient-centered, integrated health care that addresses health disparities, social determinants of health and population health.

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